Marion Huijskes

Paintings - Light objects


For years painting with acryl and mixed media was satisfying for me. However, my search for new materials pushed me further than the use of canvas.

The use of leds and light fibers in combination with certain materials made me fascinated in making light objects. I see it as a different way of working with light and darkness. It is a game and a challenge to work with the given shadows, the contradiction of materials, and creating a certain perspective. It is the ongoing exchange in the form.


I am autodidact. By practicing, experimenting, reading and a lot of time just looking I developed myself in my own point of view and expression. I am charmed by certain materials with transparency and texture, like glas, resin, lace, sand. They give me the possibilities of layers of a skin in a painting or a light object. These layers are expressing a mysterious content, which attracts to observing and listening.


Being a sensitive woman I can experience our society as superficial and hard. As a counterweight, I love the process of creating, the period of solitude, my own tempo, the magic of creation. When I can achieve an image in which the viewer’s eye ‘walks around’ and gets charmed, my satisfaction is awarded on top of the making proces.